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Portable Spill Containment
Your alternative to the hard plastic pallets that need to be moved with a forklift. Foam sidewalls that spring back into place. Order with or without insert grates. Reusable and easy to fold up to transport or store.

1 Drum Spillpal™
2’ x 2’ x 4’
2 Drum Spillpal™
2’ x 4’ x 4’
4 Drum Spillpal™
4’ x 4’ x 4’
4 Drum In-lineSpillpal™
4’x 8’ x 4’
6 Drum Spillpal™
4’ x 6’ x 4’
8 Drum Spillpal™
4’ x 8’ x 4’
Deck Grates
48”x 23” x 1.75”

Why would you carry a sorbents & pallets around, When you could carry the Enpac Poly Porta Pallet & HazMat Pool
Made of 22 oz. vinyl coated polyester, it's
chemical resistant, stands up to corrosive battery acid, and is a great addition to any spill kit. Stop storing truck, automobile and small forklift batteries on the ground or on wooden pallets. Order optional polyethylene rates...removable for easy access to the sump. Poly-Porta-Pallet folds up for compact storage and transport. Unique snap up support strips creates a sturdy sidewalls when unit is opened. The Hazmat Pool comes in its own carrier and is only 14" x 21". When deployed, the pool dimensions are: 60" base x 6" height x 54" opening, similar to the standard kiddy pool, with a volume capacity of 100 gallons. Manufactured from a polyethylene based material that has an interwoven construction, the Hazmat Pool has extreme
puncture, abrasion and chemical resistance, along with a -60 F cold crack. With resistance to the widest range of chemicals, Enpac's Hazmat Pool is your answer to decontamination.


Stinger Yellow Jacket, 4’ x 4’ x 8”
Stinger Yellow Jacket,6’x8’x8”
Stinger Yellow Jacket, 6’ x 6’ x 8”
Stinger Yellow Jacket,8’x10’x8”
Stinger Yellow Jacket,10’x10’x 8”
Stinger Yellow Jacket, 4’ x 6’ x 8’
HazMat Pool 100 Gal. 60” x 6”x 54”
Stinger Yellow Jacket, 4’ x 8’ x 8”
HatMat Pool Without Drain, 60” x 6” x 54”

Poly-Spillpal™ is perfect for those messy small jobs. Great for batteries, 5 gallon pails, or even 16 gallon drums. Made from 22oz. vinyl protects your floor while the inner polyethylene berm contains accidental spills.

2’ x 2’ x 2’
2’ x 4’ x 2’
4’ x 4’ x 2’

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