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Industrial chemicals which are stored or spilled can saturate the air with
harmful vapors. Vaporeze™ was developed to remove pollutants from
the atmosphere by adsorbing, neutralizing, and encapsulating them for
safe disposal. Vaporeze™ is non-flammable and will reduce the explosive nature of gases it adsorbs and act as a fire retardant if added to flammable liquids. It will reduce the temperature if applied to a liquid that has caught fire making the blaze easier to extinguish. Vaporeze™ can also be used to aid the solidification of hazardous chemicals and sludge. To use, simply apply to spills and clean or place in an open top container adjacent to the vapor.

Granules, 50# Bag
Pouches, will treat 400 Square Feet

Various noxious odors and gases are emitted in many industrial
operations. This could result in serious indoor air quality problems which
could in turn lead to health and safety issues. The Smelleze™ Industrial
Deodorizer Pouch was developed to help solve this problem by
adsorbing many gases such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur
dioxide, ammonia, formaldehyde, nitrogen, hydrogen, methanol, freon,
and many more. Smelleze™ Pouches can be used in any industry with
an odor problem by simply placing near the odor source. Size Available.

Granules, 50# Bag
Pouches, will treat 400 Square Feet
A06SC180- Animal Waste
A06SC192- Bathroom
A06SC181- Ashtray
A06SC194- Formaldehyde
A06SC183- Diaper Pail
A06SC195- Funeral Home/Autopsy
A06SC184 Formaldehyde
A06SC196- Gym
A06SC185- Garbage
A06SC186-General Purpose
A06SC198- Industrial
A06SC187- Hospital
A06SC199- Locker Room
A06SC188- Nursing Home
A06SC200- Nursing Home
A06SC189-Ostomy Bag
A06SC190- Stall
A06SC202- Paint
A06SC191- Urine
A06SC204- Restaurant/Bar
A06SC205- Smoke


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