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PDM-7™ Concentrate Microbial Blends & Nutrients
Approved Bioremedial Food Grade Waste/Grease and Petroleum Sludge Removal Treatment for Waste Water

Accelerated Bioremediation Solution
Keep drain lines, grease traps, septic systems, waste treatment systems, oil/fuel water separators and other industrial holding tanks clean and free flowing. Can also be used for contaminated soil and groundwater environmental cleanup. Reclaim polluted soil and groundwater in the shortest time frame. PDM-7 microbial cultures contain a blend of live, synergetic, all natural American Type Culture Collection Class I Bacteria. These bacteria have been chosen for their ability to reaccelerate ability to metabolize petroleum based products, converting them into carbon dioxide & water. All various of the PDM-7 microbe contain extremely high
plate counts with the potential to double their population every 20 minutes, under ideal conditions (pH, temperature, food source and nutrient base). Available in Liquid Form or Bio-Cubes


PDM-7™ Liquid
PDM-7™ Blend is highly concentrated, 16 ounces of concentrate will make up to 55 Gallons of solution when diluted with water.
PDM-7HC Microbe Liquid Super Concentrate, Hydro Carb
Item Number: A00RD172

CECO # PDM-7HC/CL (Hydrocarbon Chlorinated (Halogenated), 16 o/drum qty

PDM-7™ Solid Forms
Simply grab & toss…no dilution, measuring, mixing, special equipment for cleanup! Portion control for simplified application. Rapidly dissolving packet and unique micro nutrient enriched carrier provides accelerated germination, growth and superior enzyme production while reducing odor, BOD, COD, suspended solids, turbidity and ammonia concentrations. Applications best used for Food Processing & Wastewater Facilities, Animal Waste Pits, Lagoons and Storage Tanks, Aqua Culture Confinements, Portable Toilets, even for your ornamental ponds and fountains.
PDM-7 Bio-Cube, Waste Treatment 2lb.
Item Number: A00RD173

PDM-7 Bio-Cube, Waste Treatment 5lb.
Item Number: A00RD174

PDM-7 Bio Cube, Waste Treatment 10lb.
Item Number: A00RD175

PDM-7 Bio Cube, Hydro Carbon 2 lb.
Item Number: A00RD176

PDM-7 Bio Cube, Hydro Carbon 5 lb.
Item Number: A00RD177

PDM-7 Bio Cube, Hydro Carbon 10 lb.
Item Number:


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