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Hydro-Clean Microbial Cleaner & Spill Control Concentrate
Multi-Purpose Environmentally Friendly Industrial Strength
Concentrate formulated to remove all common soils, greases, oils. Hydro-Clean’s wetting agents will actually lift the contamination from the surface, encapsulate it and turn the petroleum based contaminates into carbon dioxide & water. Leaving your surface clean. Safe to use on metals, fabrics, rubber, leathers, woods, glass and even soil.

Hydro-Clean, Microbial Cleaner Concentrate 1 gallon
Item Number: A00RD156

Hydro-Clean, Microbial Cleaner Concentrate 5 gallon
Item Number: A00RD157

Hydro-Clean, Microbial Cleaner Concentrate 55 gal.
Item Number: A00RD158

DSI Microbe-Multiplier Humate Nutrient SUPER Concentrate Liquid
This is a water soluble organic-based microbial nutrient concentrate that stimulates a rapid growth of the indigenous microbes on spills that have occurred at least 30 days prior to treatment. When added in conjunction with Oil Sponge Premium Absorbent™ the grow rate of microbes reproduce by the thousands in minutes. Providing more microbes to eat more contamination turning it into carbon dioxide & water.
DSI Microbe-Multiplier Humate Nutrient Concentrate
Item Number: A00ZD159

PDM-7HC (Hydro Carbon) Microbe Liquid Concentrate
Contains extremely high plate counts, with the potential to double its population of microbes every 20 minutesunder ideal conditions of pH, temperature, food source and nutrient base. PDM-7HC is formulated and bioengineered to achieve optimum and rapid broad-spectrum multi-use degradation performance due to safe and effective biodegradation of hydro carbons.
PDM-7HC Microbe Liquid Super Concentrate
Item Number: A00RD160

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